The Many Benefits of Fiber Internet Connectivity

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Fiber optic installations offer several benefits to new and existing businesses. While fiber Internet connectivity is newer than copper cable or broadband Internet, countless companies have secured higher returns and results from fiber. For businesses planning to switch from traditional connections to fiber, the advantages include:

  • Better Internet connectivity for companies that use cloud technologies for apps and data storage
  • Faster speeds and connections than traditional copper cable, DSL, or broadband Internet
  • Fiber coupled with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a powerful combination for optimal business communications

With these as well as the following benefits in mind, companies should consider switching over to fiber optic Internet.

Faster Connections

Fiber is faster than even the highest-speed copper or broadband Internet connections. In fact, options range from 5 Mbps to well over 100 Gbps. There is also little to no downtime and clients are guaranteed maximum connection speeds – even during peak access times. Businesses will also see a significant increase in page downloads and other common Internet tasks.

According to Sandisk*, a leading developer of flash memory storage devices, slow Internet connections cost employees “one entire week per year of productivity.” Internet connectivity should never restrict productivity; it should serve as a supporting tool that increases employee performance and delivery.

Cloud Access

Fiber Internet has been proven to secure faster access to cloud-based data and applications. With so many organizations now in the cloud, it is imperative for businesses to have the fastest Internet access available. This helps with:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and communications
  • Access to work-related documents, apps, and other files stored in the cloud
  • Preventing costly delays due to downtime associated with traditional Internet connection lines

Fiber optic connections are also vital for Software as a service (SaaS) tools and platforms. This includes fewer delays in accessing cloud-hosted business data, along with ensuring critical response time to client inquiries or data.


Fiber Internet access is much stronger than conventional copper cable lines. In fact, fiber is weatherproof and connections are not affected by severe storms. Fiber is even resistant to electrical and human interference, which means clients have secure platforms for years to come.

Stronger Signals

Fiber ensures stronger signals for faster connectivity and access. This is far superior to traditional broadband or DSL, which sees signal degrade as users move away from the switch. Fiber optic Internet does not degrade over distances and is especially helpful for businesses with large physical spaces.

Fiber also increases speed over wireless, remote, and digital devices, which is essential for companies that utilize BYOD data plans or wireless communications for daily tasks and errands.

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