Backup and Disaster Recovery: What It’s for and What to Look for

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Studies indicate that the annual worldwide cost of data breaches will be in excess of $2.1 trillion by the year 2019. Experts estimate the cost of even a small data loss event to be between $18,000 and $36,000. The more business a company does digitally, the more valuable the data generated can be. Add to this the idea that digital operations will become more and more a core part of every business as time goes on, and it quickly becomes apparent that a robust and reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system is a must.

But what are the specific situations that make BRD indispensable, and what factors differentiate between the right solution and the wrong one?

Why Have a BDR Plan?

Natural Disasters

The “disaster recovery” part of BDR deals with getting back up and running after a natural or manmade disaster. Earthquakes, floods, fires – these are all things that can disrupt a business and in some cases end up costing vast amounts of money in lost revenue. Having an effective plan in place can mean the difference between losing hours of revenue – or losing weeks.

Data Safety and Cyber Attacks

Many companies handle private or sensitive client data for which there are legal confidentiality and storage requirements. Even for those who do not collect such data, keeping sales data and internal company information private is a vital part of doing business.


Whether due to user error or hardware failure, accidents that affect data can happen with alarming ease. A solid BDR plan can make sure the effects of an accident are minimized.

What to Look for

Compatibility and Support

The chosen system has to play nicely with the hardware and software systems that are already in place. Additionally, data protection and disaster recovery should be ready and available 24/7/365.


Businesses can grow, expand, downsize, or restructure. Through all of that, data accumulates. A BDR solution that can scale with the needs of the business ensures that it remains cost effective no matter what happens.

For any small or medium-sized business trying to make it in a great big digital world, a solid and reliable backup and disaster recovery plan is an absolute necessity.

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